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    • ASD seeks an experienced, committed and resourceful Solar PV Engineer who can help lead its technical team in an exciting initiative that will be providing embedded renewable power systems to commercial clients throughout East Africa.  For more information, download the job description here
    • Solar PV pre-feasibility study (KAM) - 2015: ASD is conducting a pre-feasibility study on the solar PV power generation potential of 5 commercial sites.
    • 100% Renewable Energy for Uganda (WWF Uganda) - 2015: Together with IVL and KTH (Sweden), ASD is developing a report outlining potential for Uganda to reach 100% renewable energy by 2050.
    • Sustainable Energy Programme Strategy (WWF Mozambique) - 2014-2015: ASD is advising WWF Mozambique on development of their sustainable energy programme.
    • Health Sector Energy Needs Assessments - Energy for Women's and Children's Health (UN Foundation) - 2014-2015: 250 site energy audits and design of off-grid energy solutions for the electrification of health clinics in 3 African countries under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative.
    • Policy Options to Attract Investment in Off-grid Renewable Energy in Tanzania (Climate Parliament) - 2014: Policy analysis and targeted recommendations for enabling increased investment in off-grid clean power solutions.  
    • Development of the Kenyan Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus under the global Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative (BizClim / HCL Consultants) - 2014-2015: Building on the Kenyan Gap Analysis, ASD supported development of two documents outlining priority renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access projects and the enabling environment that would stimulate them.  
    • REN21 Global Status Report (REN21) - 2014: Detailed Renewable Energy baseline data collection and analysis for 12 African countries for the 2015 REN21 Global Status Report.

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Engineered Solution Service

ASD takes clean energy seriously. We provide custom-designed solutions to each client's specific energy needs and budget.

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Clean Energy Advisory

ASD believes in a multi-faceted approach to stimulating the shift to renewable forms of energy.

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