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    • Solar PV pre-feasibility study (KAM) - 2015: ASD is conducting a pre-feasibility study on the solar PV power generation potential of 5 commercial sites.
    • 100% Renewable Energy for Uganda (WWF Uganda) - 2015: Together with IVL and KTH (Sweden), ASD is developing a report outlining potential for Uganda to reach 100% renewable energy by 2050.
    • Sustainable Energy Programme Strategy (WWF Mozambique) - 2014-2015: ASD is advising WWF Mozambique on development of their sustainable energy programme.
    • Health Sector Energy Needs Assessments - Energy for Women's and Children's Health (UN Foundation) - 2014-2015: 250 site energy audits and design of off-grid energy solutions for the electrification of health clinics in 3 African countries under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative.
    • Policy Options to Attract Investment in Off-grid Renewable Energy in Tanzania (Climate Parliament) - 2014: Policy analysis and targeted recommendations for enabling increased investment in off-grid clean power solutions.  
    • Development of the Kenyan Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus under the global Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative (BizClim / HCL Consultants) - 2014-2015: Building on the Kenyan Gap Analysis, ASD supported development of two documents outlining priority renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access projects and the enabling environment that would stimulate them.  
    • REN21 Global Status Report (REN21) - 2014: Detailed Renewable Energy baseline data collection and analysis for 12 African countries for the 2015 REN21 Global Status Report.

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Engineered Solution Service

ASD takes clean energy seriously. We provide custom-designed solutions to each client's specific energy needs and budget.

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Clean Energy Advisory

ASD believes in a multi-faceted approach to stimulating the shift to renewable forms of energy.

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